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Hemophilia Walk Right Around the Corner

Help us make each step count -
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important event today!

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The Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois (BDAI) supports families affected by inherited bleeding disorders such as Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease by providing its members with the unbiased medical information and resources that allow them to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This neutral information is especially important for families seeking answers and support soon after the initial diagnosis.

BDAI also fosters a welcoming community for families to meet, interact and share information and advice. Through education and support, BDAI helps its members advocate on their own behalf with public and private insurance providers, medical services and government agencies, while representing the bleeding community in the world at large.


Newly Diagnosed?

Were you or a family member just diagnosed with a bleeding disorder?  We can help, Click here to learn how!



We are ready to kick-off the 2014 Illinois Hemophilia Walk and with your support will make a huge difference to our bleeding disorder community once again this year! 

We dedicate this important event to all of those who have helped us get to where we are today – a vital bleeding disorder community which supports everyone in Illinois to live strong, healthy and productive lives.  This would not be where we are today if not for those who have walked in our steps. They have definitely paved the way for a future filled with opportunity.

The Walk Committee is already planning to assemble an event that will bring us all together in Lincoln Park on September 13. We have set an aggressive goal of raising $100,000 and bringing together over 750 walkers.  We can’t make all this happen without you!


Please partner with us and support the 2014 Walk. There are so many ways to get involved. Join the Committee. Be a team captain. Help us secure a local sponsor. But – whatever you choose to do – please mark your calendar and make sure you are there with us all on September 13.  And in advance, thanks for joining me on this important journey.



210 S. DesPlaines St.
Chicago, IL 60661-5500

Telephone: 312.427.1495
Fax: 312.427.1602

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